That bloody Iphone again

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I’ve made ScrewYouHippy generate an Iphone tag now.. So if you’re sensible enough to add screw you hippy to your Iphone home panel (go ooon, you know you want to) – It’ll now have an Icon randomly generated when you book mark it..

Here’s a picture of my Iphone home screen.. (Don’t ask me how I took it)

Reason enough to try it really… (and I’ll be checking)

(If anyone is wondering how I’ve done this magical deed. Simply check out this post for the background, I’ve just told it save the right file some place magical)

Edit: If you press your “Home” and “Sleep” button at the same time in the Iphone it takes a screenshot and then saves it to your photo’s folder. And then you can e-mail it your desktop. And then you can remember just how fucking cool this bit of kit is…

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Yes, I’m afraid I’ve become a hippy like apple loving twat. I love it

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