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A.k.a – Also known as “Hurrah!, I finished a project”

The running man is a creation of my very own fingers. Basically, it’s a TCP/IP multiplayer game where you button bash S and D as fast as you can whilst occasionally pressing C to jump the hurdles.

Download it here – If you don’t know what a .rar file is then sorry…. Make sure you extract the game into a folder, (it will not run from inside the zip)

Some notes

You Must Create A Server even if you want to play on your own, you must run the Server.exe first, then run the client_rm.exe

When using the client_rm.exe – you must create a new account for the first time then log in.

I’ll fix all these one day, but not yet… For now, just enjoy the greatness that is the love of my loins and try and beat my astonishing personal best time of 19.34 (this isn’t really my best, but I’ll put it here just in case anyone plays the game and beats it)

If someone wants to host an online game – let us know and I’ll join in… :)

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because this, surely, is heaven…

And if you’re worried about the video and the screenshots (and to be honest, the music in the video) then fear not my friends. Because Ezra Dreisbach himself is making this game.

If only life had a fast forward button.


A polite plea – Please, for anyone who hasn’t played Deathtank, please, for the love of god, stop comparing it to Scorched Earth, that’s like comparing it to worms. Which is infinitely stupid, and demonstrates that you know nothing.

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