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I’ll admit that I’ve not read this entire article (mainly because I saw entries such as Pixel Junk Monsters and far too many JRPG’s. But I will say this.

Anyone who says that Half Life 2 isn’t the game of the decade, knows approximately fuck all about video games.

End of story, over, finito.

It’s really simple to write a “game of the decade” article. Let me do one for you right now…

1. Half Life 2
2. Grand Theft Auto 3
3. Resident Evil 4 or possibly Portal

The reason that games like these stand out is because, once released, no-one could imagine a world without them. No single game developer didn’t use one of these three games as a reference point for their new game. These games influenced games designers, producers, publishers, developers and everyone. One of their aspects. Gameplay, story telling, physics, anything, stemmed from these games.

Sure, they are sequels to games, and their roots lie in games previous, but in each case they perfected their game. Unlike movies, games sequels are often much better than their predecessors. And this is the case with all three.

Anyone, who says “Those aren’t the top three” don’t have a clue what they are talking about and/or are trying to be controversial.

P.s. Also, Kotaku clearly don’t understand the word “decade” – for the clueless. A decade is a period of ten years starting at 0 and ending at 9. I learnt this in primary school.

2000 to 2009 is a decade. 2010 is the first year of the next decade. (hence everyone on Earth celebrating it as such)

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Xbox 360: Death Tank To Roll On Xbox Live Arcade!

That is all

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Can everyone stop using “Hit the jump” when referring to a hyperlink. “After the jump” is also on my list of phrases that apparently sound cool, but actually are fucking wank.

Right next to. “I drive an Alfa Romeo”

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